A 70-year-old from Ipswich is celebrating after completing his 500th Parkrun, 11 years after his first one.

Keith Borrett has completed his 500th race on Saturday after doing runs in 38 different locations around the world, including in the USA and Scotland.

His first Ipswich Parkrun came back in 2012 after his friend suggested he went along to what was at the time, for what was only the third Ipswich Parkrun.

Parkrun is held every Saturday across the world, with participants completing a 5km run either at their fastest pace or at their own leisure.

He said: "I love it. I really love it.

Ipswich Star: Keith ran his first Parkrun eleven years agoKeith ran his first Parkrun eleven years ago (Image: Sheila Thomas)

"There's nothing like it in sport with the mass participation, it's phenomenal.

"They are really special.

"The camaraderie of it is amazing too, I have done Parkruns in other places and it has felt like I have known everyone doing it.

"It's such a simple idea.

"The 500th Parkrun has come a little later than anticipated due to Covid suspending weekend Parkruns."

Not only has Mr Borrett completed 500 Parkruns, he has also volunteered 152 times at different events.

Ipswich Star: Keith has taken part in his 500th ParkrunKeith has taken part in his 500th Parkrun (Image: Sheila Thomas)

He added: "It's become a lifestyle.

"There's no question of what I am going to do on Saturday mornings.

"I've missed only a couple in the last three or four years, and that's due to holiday commitments, otherwise I try and go on midweek holidays.

"That's what obsession is."

While he is celebrating his 500th Parkrun, he has also created Suffolk Trail Runners, which went from 11 people in a pub to a Facebook group which has almost 2,500 people in it.

Last year they completed 88 runs around the county, with the group completing on average more than 1 run a week.

To help celebrate his 500th Parkrun, Mr Borrett was presented with a cake on Saturday morning.