Ipswich MP Tom Hunt has lost his job as a Parliamentary Private Secretary after signing a letter in support of former Home Secretary Suella Braverman.

Mr Hunt was appointed to the unpaid role of PPS to Northern Ireland Secretary Chris Heaton-Harris last year.

But he stepped down from the role on Monday morning.

He said:  “It was my intention for a few months to stand down at the reshuffle.

"I’ve enjoyed being a PPS to the Northern Ireland Secretary over the past 14 months but I want to focus 110 per cent on my role as a constituency MP and I also want to be free to speak my mind on a number of issues that I feel strongly about.

“The situation with Suella Braverman did however bring the issue to a head.

"I don’t think she should have been sacked. And I signed a letter supporting her knowing that this would be incompatible with my role as a PPS.

"I informed the whips of this and have left my role as a PPS.

“A key focus for me will be pushing the government hard to do whatever is necessary to tackle small boats crisis and also cutting levels of net legal migration.”

Mr Hunt said that appointing former Prime Minister David (now Lord) Cameron as Foreign Secretary would bring an experienced international figure back into government.

But he was keen to ensure this did not lead to a return to the pre-Brexit situation returning to the UK.

Ipswich Star: Richard Rout welcomed the return of Lord Cameron.Richard Rout welcomed the return of Lord Cameron. (Image: Richard Rout)

Richard Rout is standing as Conservative candidate in the new Waveney Valley seat at the next general election and welcomed the return of Lord Cameron to front line politics.

He said: "This is a very dangerous time in the world with events in Ukraine and in the Middle East and to have someone with the experience and contacts of the former PM will be very good for the country."

Mr Rout felt the reshuffle had produced a well-balanced team that was well-placed to contest the next general election whenever it is called.

He said: "Lord Cameron is respected by many in the country and will be widely welcomed - but we are also seeing the return of Esther McVey to the cabinet and that will please another section of the party."

Opposition politicians in Suffolk, though, are not so confident about the government's future.

Ipswich Star: Ipswich Labour candidate Jack AbbottIpswich Labour candidate Jack Abbott (Image: Ipswich Labour Party)

Mr Hunt's Labour challenger Jack Abbott said: "Over the last few years we've seen a revolving door of Prime Ministers, and dozens upon dozens of Conservative MPs have played pass the parcel with crucially important jobs.

"While they must think some sort of game, their lack of seriousness and total incompetence has led to a cost of living crisis and our public services being pushed to breaking point. No wonder our country is in such a mess.

"Bringing back David Cameron puts to bed any laughable notion that Rishi Sunak will offer any sort of change after 13 years of Conservative failure.

"It's hardly a ringing endorsement of the MPs he has at his disposal either. He has looked at his MPs and decided none of them could be trusted to take on the role of Foreign Secretary."

Ipswich Star: Adrian Ramsay, Green Party co-leader.Adrian Ramsay, Green Party co-leader. (Image: Green Party)

And Green Party co-leader Adrian Ramsay, who will be Mr Rout's opponent in Waveney Valley, was also dismissive of the changes.

He said:  “This reshuffle looks desperate and is a sign that Rishi Sunak has run out of talent. David Cameron started the programme of cuts to our public services which has now brought the NHS to near breaking point.

“This chaotic and unprincipled government has reached the end of the road. It is doing great harm to the country. We need a general election now.”