Ipswich MP Tom Hunt has demanded a quick "Plan B" solution from the government after it lost the Rwanda flights case in the High Court.

Mr Hunt is one of a number of MPs who rallied around former Home Secretary Suella Braverman in her bid to send failed asylum seekers to Rwanda.

After the Supreme Court decided the policy was illegal, Mr Hunt met similar-minded colleagues to discuss the issue. 

He said: “Today’s result was very disappointing. There is literally no way to stop the boats without a meaningful deterrent.

“It’s essential that the Government now outline a robust plan B. All options must be on the table. I also want to see very ambitious timescales for delivery.

“We’ve all had enough. Our patience was already wearing thin. It’s now run out.”

The Supreme Court decided there were several reasons for the policy to be ruled unlawful - among them was the concern that Rwanda might not be a safe place.

It also said it was possible that the Rwandan government could sent refugees back to their homelands when it was safe.

Mr Hunt's Labour opponent at the next general election, Jack Abbott, was scathing about the government's attempts to reduce boats by flying asylum seekers to Rwanda.

Ipswich Star: Jack Abbott said Labour would deal with those who supplied the small boats.Jack Abbott said Labour would deal with those who supplied the small boats. (Image: Sarah Lucy Brown)

He said: “This is the problem when you have a weak Conservative government which is no longer governing, and is instead trying to paper over the cracks with eye-wateringly expensive gimmicks.

"Their mess is compounded by the fact they are saddled with a group of MPs who are prone to having a tantrum and screaming into the void, rather than putting forward a serious plan.

“Here’s what Labour would do: go after criminal gangs through a new Cross-Border Police Unit and forge deeper security cooperation with Europe.

"Clear the backlog and end hotel use by recruiting new staff and speeding up safe returns with a new Returns Unit, saving the taxpayer billions.

"Establish new agreements with France and other countries on returns and family reunions. Reform resettlement routes to stop people being exploited by gangs.

"Tackle humanitarian crises at source, helping refugees in their region.”