A "prolific offender" sentenced for burglary and a woman who carried out a shoplifting spree totalling £2,000 are among those jailed in Suffolk this week.

Ipswich Star: Leroy Lawless has been jailed for 33 monthsLeroy Lawless has been jailed for 33 months (Image: Suffolk police)

Leroy Lawless 

Leroy Lawless has been jailed for 33 months after a burglary that saw a number of items stolen. 

Lawless, 40, of Albion Street in Saxmundham, entered a house in Yoxford's Middleton Road at about 9pm on September 22.

Using a ladder to get inside the property, he stole a number of items from inside, including an iPad.

Officers found a patio door had also been smashed when they arrived at the scene. 

As well as being jailed for burglary, Lawless was also sentenced for possession of cannabis, driving whilst disqualified and possession of an offensive weapon.

Ipswich Star: Kurston Dixon has been sentenced to 14 weeks in jailKurston Dixon has been sentenced to 14 weeks in jail (Image: Suffolk police)

Kursten Dixon 

Kursten Dixon has been sentenced to 14 weeks behind bars in connection with multiple shoplifting offences.

Dixon, 33, of no fixed abode but of the Bury St Edmunds area, was sentenced after being charged with five counts of shoplifting.

The offences totalled £2,000 worth of items stolen. 

She was jailed for 14 weeks in total, including four weeks for breaching a suspended sentence.

Ipswich Star: Alexandru Cercel has been jailedAlexandru Cercel has been jailed (Image: Norfolk police)

Alexandru Cercel

Thirty-nine-year-old Alexandru Cercel has been jailed for two years for his part in stealing £16,000 worth of alcohol from supermarkets in Norfolk and Suffolk.

Cercel, of Homestead Road in Dagenham, Essex, was sentenced after the spree which spanned between October 2021 and June 2023.

The gang member is believed to have been involved in seven thefts from supermarkets in Suffolk, including in Ipswich and Beccles. 

After his arrest in Dover on June 1, Cercel admitted to 26 more crimes.