Nearly a year after they retired from running Victoria Nurseries in Ipswich, Ian and Wendy May are back in business bringing Christmas cheer to the town.

For hundreds of families across Ipswich and nearby villages, Christmas isn't Christmas without a Victoria Nurseries Tree.

Now that tradition is being maintained as the couple are selling trees and Christmas Wreaths from Venue 16 (formerly Greshams) on Tuddenham Road in the town.

They opened their temporary business last week - but are expecting the real rush over the next two or three weeks.

And there is no shortage of stock. Ian said: "We have about 250 trees on sale at any time - but we're getting fresh stocks in all the time."

They are open every day from 9am to 4pm until December 22 - the Friday before Christmas Day.

Victoria Nurseries closed at the end of January after nearly 40 years of trading from Kettlebaston Way, just off Westerfield Road.

The site still has not been redeveloped although there is a new application to build a care home in the pipeline despite early attempts being turned down by both borough planners and a government planning inspector.