The A14 heading eastbound has reopened this evening after National Highways confirmed that a broken-down inspection vehicle could only be fixed with a specialist machine from North Yorkshire.

Drivers were warned to allow extra time for their journey after the A14 was closed last night (November 30) for roadworks and never reopened after an underbridge inspection vehicle lost power during planned overnight work.

This meant a platform, which extended from the vehicle and is lowered under the bridge’s surface, remained stuck in position.

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The engineers at the scene confirmed that part of the machine needed to be replaced to remove it from the bridge.

However, in order to fix the vehicle underneath the carriageway, another underbridge inspection vehicle was required. 

This highly specialist vehicle had to travel 250 miles from Teesside in North Yorkshire.

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The planned closure for further survey work on the bridge tonight (December 1) was cancelled and the bridge reopened once the vehicle was removed. 

National Highways regional operations manager Duncan Gennery said: "The last thing we ever want is for people to be delayed and stuck in traffic.

"Unfortunately, the fact this vehicle’s hydraulic unit has failed essentially ties the vehicle to the carriageway as it has an extending platform that is now stuck in place under the bridge’s surface.

"This underbridge inspection vehicle is the size of a HGV and it has a significant counter balance on the opposite side to the platform.

"This slightly extends into the second eastbound lane which why it is unsafe to open that and let traffic pass the scene.

"Ahead of the evening commute please allow yourself extra time to complete your journey and follow the official diversion route.

"We are doing everything we can to get this vehicle, repaired, removed and the carriageway back open as soon as possible."