An Ipswich resident has called for a neglected three-post exercise feature in Christchurch Park to be restored.

The park, which is home to the historic Tudor Christchurch Mansion, features three broken posts on the footpath near the Henley Road entrance, after crossing the bridleway.

It is understood the posts have been out of use for some time, which Ipswich resident Peter Wright says is a "shame" as the park is generally well-maintained.

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Mr Wright said: "I love Christchurch Park. I try to take a walk there every morning. There were half a dozen or so interesting features along that path, and this particular one had three bars on it.

Ipswich Star:

"One fell off a couple of years ago, and now the other one has fallen off. It's a shame, but the trouble is so many things are neglected around the town these days.

"The main play area is well-used. The park is in good order in most places, but it's just that one area. It has been an exciting attraction for children. Can it be restored soon?"

According to Ipswich Borough Council, they are looking to replace the broken part, and will hear an update on this during this week. 

Ipswich Star:

A council spokesperson said: “Our parks team are working with the manufacturer of this piece of fitness equipment to replace the broken part.

"We are expecting to hear next week when this part can be installed.

"This piece of equipment hasn’t been out of use long term but has had some issues meaning it has been out of use for periods of time previously.

"There are other pieces of outdoor fitness equipment available to use at the area near the ARK and the Upper Fonnereau Road gate."