We are very excited to launch our new subscription scheme to help you get your Ipswich Star at a reduced price each day. 

We know it's been a tough year and we want to help, not just with a discount on your daily paper but also with other chances to save on every day necessities.

Designed to reward our most loyal readers, the scheme offers subscribers the chance to save money on the cost of your favourite local newspaper as well as on food, fuel, holidays and more through our exclusive Reader Rewards scheme.

Ipswich Star: Your chance to SAVE £££s with the Ipswich StarYour chance to SAVE £££s with the Ipswich Star (Image: Newsquest)

Subscribe to our new scheme, which starts today, to get 50% off the price of your newspaper for the first 12 weeks and enjoy further savings on food, fuel, holidays and other high street brands.

That works out to just 50p per copy as readers who subscribe get 50% off for the first 12 weeks, then just 80p as your subscription continues with a 20pc discount. 

Whether it's the day's big news stories, the latest ITFC news and exclusives, community stories, opinion columns, puzzles or money-off vouchers for the family, we've got you covered.

To join or for more information, simply call our subscriptions team on 0800 953 0227 and quote code 00002.

Once you've signed up, we will send you vouchers to redeem when you purchase your Ipswich Star at your local stockist, as well as details of how you can access your rewards.

Keep an eye out for our WIN CASH TO PAY OFF YOUR CHRISTMAS CREDIT CARD competition and other great cash and prize offers which we will be featuring in the New Year.

We really hope you will join us as a subscriber and help our beloved Ipswich Star to keep bringing you all your favourite news and sport for many years to come.