A popular Christmas light show is celebrating a decade of entertaining passersby and raising thousands for charity.

The Aleksic Christmas Lights are back for a special milestone, with the lights evolving vastly since the event began back in 2013. 

The house, which is in Lister Road, just off Norwich Road in Ipswich, lights up between 4pm and 9pm everyday.

Ipswich Star: Some of the lights outside the houseSome of the lights outside the house (Image: James Aleksic)

When it first started, the total number of control channels was just 16, with the lights having to be run manually when requested.

Now, the number of control channels is at 9,954, and the lights are electronically scheduled.

James Aleksic from JLA Sound and Light, who runs the show, said: "Back in 2013 it was essentially a few strings of fairy lights.

Ipswich Star: The house is on Lister RoadThe house is on Lister Road (Image: James Aleksic)

"There's been a big change since then, each pixel can change colour.

"It's lovely how many people are hearing about it and it has become part of some people's Christmas traditions, to come by every year, which is really nice."

The lights run alongside a 10-minute music playlist, which Mr Aleksic starts thinking about in August.

Ipswich Star: Aleksic Christmas Lights are back once againAleksic Christmas Lights are back once again (Image: James Aleksic)

He continued: "We always try and find music we haven't used before, and then they are set to music which I think about when listening to the music and deciding what to use."

In the last 10 years, the lights have raised nearly £4,000 for St Elizabeth Hospice.

Mr Aleksic said: "It's great.

Ipswich Star: Some of the lightsSome of the lights (Image: James Aleksic)

"We've had family members who have gone through the hospice and my uncle Norman was the man behind the Pigs Gone Wild and Elmer Trail and things a few years back so we have always done what we can to support them.

"They're really appreciative of the display as well and it is just lovely to be able to support something local, and it means a lot to the community."