Two women who desperately tried to save a teenager after he was stabbed in Ipswich town centre have described the moments before his death.

Alfie Hammett, 19, and Joshua Howell, 18, have both been charged with the murder of Raymond James Quigley, 18, on January 17 in Westgate Street, as well as possession of an offensive weapon in a public place.

Hammett, of Larkhill Rise, Rushmere St Andrew, and Howell, of Wellington Street, Ipswich, both deny the charges.

Ipswich Star: Emergency services at the scene on Westgate StreetEmergency services at the scene on Westgate Street (Image: Newsquest)

Giving evidence in pre-recorded videos from police interviews a few hours after the killing, two women who had met for coffee in Starbucks beside the murder scene described trying to save Mr Quigley after he was stabbed.

Lasharne Beaton said she initially did not believe she had witnessed the glimmer of a large curved machete outside the Starbucks window but then double checked and realised she had.

When she went outside she saw Mr Quigley leaning over the counter in Cards Direct and at first thought he was robbing the cashier but said the way he was leaning over the counter was strange and by the time Ms Beaton had walked over he had collapsed.

Ms Beaton said she shouted for a towel to stop the blood and said Mr Quigley was not responding.

A Starbucks worker gave his apron to help staunch the bleeding.

Ms Beaton told the court: “I noticed his top was completely saturated with blood," adding that she called for scissors to cut the top and noticed two punctures, one around his lower right abdomen area and the other in his upper chest.

Her friend Jordane Challenger-Thomson, who she met for coffee, said Mr Quigley's eyes were wide and that he couldn’t talk and only occasionally gasped.

Evidence was also given to Ipswich Crown Court today by another witness who said said she saw Mr Quigley get pushed over and then a man thrust a knife into him twice.