Pavement work in a busy area of Ipswich has been labelled as a 'bodge job' by an "astonished" town councillor. 

Work to the pavement on the junction of Carr Street and Old Foundry Road, at the start of the high street, has now been completed.

The path was first reported to Suffolk County Council by Ipswich Borough Councillor Martin Cook on October 28.

Suffolk Highways did the work, by filling in the gaps with tarmac, rather than maintaining the pattern of brickwork on the floor.

Ipswich Star: The pavement before and after the workThe pavement before and after the work (Image: Cllr Martin Cook)

Cllr Cook said: "It really wasn't to the standard that I expected, it looks a bit of a bodge job.

"My first thought was it must be a temporary job so I tweeted Suffolk Highways hoping for a response and what they said back was unbelievable to me."

Suffolk Highways responded on X by saying: 'Whilst the repair may not be aesthetically pleasing, the trip hazard has been removed and no further works have been ordered.'

Ipswich Star: Ipswich Borough Councillor Martin CookIpswich Borough Councillor Martin Cook (Image: Cllr Martin Cook)

Mr Cook responded: "I was astonished.

"Everyone knows that councils are facing financial challenges, but I would still expect a basic standard of decent repair work in Ipswich.

"There are lots of people going through there, the safety is important but also the aesthetics are important.

"Lots of people like me, couldn't believe their response."

Ipswich Star: Some of the repairsSome of the repairs (Image: Cllr Martin Cook)

Suffolk Highways did do a U-turn on this decision, however, and have confirmed that contractors will return to rectify the repair within the next three weeks.

Mr Cook said: "I'm delighted they are going to come back and fix it properly, but I still think there are questions to answer about the way they're working.

"The fact they didn't have any pavement slabs in stock to do the work initially is concerning, and the fact they thought that was acceptable to leave in that state."

Mr Cook has said that they should order more slabs to do more work around the town.

Ipswich Star: The pavement workThe pavement work (Image: Cllr Martin Cook)