An Ipswich dental practice that provides NHS and private treatments has been inspected by a care watchdog for the first time in a decade. 

Bridge House Dental Practice was visited by the Care Quality Commission on November 2, the first examination at the Norwich Road Ipswich site since 2013. 

Run by Mr Srinivas Rao Jakileti, the clinic was found to be clean and well-maintained, with staff who knew how to deal with medical emergencies and systems in place to manage risks for patients, staff and equipment. 

The CQC found safeguarding processes were in place and staff at the practice knew their responsibility for safeguarding vulnerable adults and children. 

Recruitment procedures and patient care were found to be in line with current legislation and guidelines, while patients were found to be treated with dignity and respect. 

Inspectors found staff provided preventive care and supported patients to better their oral health, and the appointment system at the practice was efficient in responding to patients' needs. 

They also found the leadership was effective, there was a culture of continuous improvement, and staff felt involved and worked as a team. 

Bridge House Dental Practice has eight treatment rooms and employs 10 dentists, 10 dental nurses, including one trainee nurse, two dental hygienists, one practice manager and two receptionists.

During the inspection, the Care Quality Commission spoke to three dentists, including the dental surgeon, four dental nurses, a dental hygienist and the two receptionists. 

The inspection looked into the practice's policies and procedures, as well as records, to assess how it was managed. 

It was found that no action was needed in any of the inspection categories. 

Bridge House Dental Practice is open Monday to Friday from 8.30am to 5pm, and Saturday by appointment only.