Officials from Ipswich council are trying to work out whether the "bauble" Christmas Tree outside the University of Suffolk on the Waterfront can be salvaged after it was blown down by Storm Henk.

The modern tree was a fixture on the Cornhill for several years before public demands for a real tree to return to the town centre were granted.

Ipswich Star: The tree spent several Christmases on the Cornhill.The tree spent several Christmases on the Cornhill. (Image: Archant)

For the last few years it has taken pride of place on the open space in front of the main university building on the Waterfront.

But on Tuesday evening, Storm Henk's gale brought it down - and also damaged several signs in the area.

Workers secured the tree on Tuesday night and it was being taken away on Wednesday to see whether it can be repaired.

Kie Humphries runs the Coffee Cat cafe nearby and saw the efforts to secure what was left of the tree on Tuesday evening.

He said: "I thought it was unusual to see so many people around there at that time of the night - and then saw what had happened.

"I hope it can be fixed because you need something there and I think it fits in well. I know people felt it wasn't right for the Cornhill - but this is a different part of the town and I think it worked well but I know it is a bit of a Marmite thing!"

A spokesperson for the borough said the first thing that needed to be done was to clear the tree and then assess the damage.

Ipswich Star: The Christmas Tree was put up in November.The Christmas Tree was put up in November. (Image: Charlotte Bond)

A decision on whether to repair it or look for something new would be taken once the extent of the damage and the potential cost was known - but there would also probably be public consultation before a final decision was taken.