A new home could soon be available above a barbershop in Bramford Road in Ipswich.

Plans to create a first floor flat at 655 to 657 Bramford Road have been submitted to Ipswich Borough Council.

A planning statement prepared by the Ipswich-based Ben Elvin Planning Consultancy explained that the applicant intended to extend the single-storey building to accommodate a new flat on the first floor. 

This single storey building includes Hardi’s Barbers. 

The new home would be accessed via an enclosed staircase within the extension. The new flat would have a combined kitchen, living and dining area. Two bedrooms will be available, one of which would have an en-suite bathroom.

Another bathroom would also be located on the first floor. 

The statement said that plans for this new flat would result in “an enhancement to the character of the building and the site as a whole”. 

It continued that the development was appropriate to its surroundings, and would not impact upon the character of the local area in a detrimental manner. 

Ipswich Borough Council sets an automatic eight-week target date for a decision on all planning applications it receives.

This proposal has been given a target date of February 21.