A number of flood warnings are still in place across the county after days of extreme rain. 

Several roads across Suffolk have been left impassable over recent days as a result of rivers bursting their banks

The Environment Agency has issued five flood warnings and 11 flood alerts for the county, which means more flooding could be on the way. 

The River Gipping in Needham Market and Bramford, outside Ipswich, has been placed under a warning, as well as the River Lark, Stour Brook near Haverhill and Bumpstead Brook. 

Warnings are also in place for Rattlesden River, between Combs Ford near Stowmarket and Rattlesden, as well as the River Brett from Lavenham to Higham.

It comes after days of heavy rain which saw a number of roads flood and even some cars abandoned in submerged roads

Drivers are being asked to avoid travelling through flood water. 

The AA issued advice on how to drive if the road becomes flooded:

  • Try to avoid standing water if you can.
  • Don't drive into flood water that’s moving or more than 10cm (4 inches) deep. Let approaching cars pass first.
  • Drive slowly and steadily so you don’t make a bow wave.
  • Test your brakes as soon as you can afterwards.
  • Fast-moving water is very powerful – take care or your car could be swept away.

If you do get stuck in flood water, it's usually best to wait in the car and call for help rather than try to get out.