Proposals to create a 21-bedroom house of multiple occupancy (HMO) in east Ipswich have been submitted for consideration by planners.

Fina Group Ltd is planning to expand its current HMO at 69 Nelson Road, at the junction with Woodbridge Road in the town.

Documents visible on Ipswich Borough Council's planning portal state the applicant wants to create a two-storey side extension to the property.

The building is already in use as an HMO and currently has 14 bedrooms.

Ipswich Borough Council sets an automatic eight-week target date for a decision on all planning applications it receives.

This application is the latest to have been submitted to the borough council in recent months seeking permission to either expand an HMO or convert an existing property into one.

In December, the authority received plans to convert a two-storey office building in Derby Road into an HMO.

Borough councillors have previously outlined their plans to tighten the rules on HMOs, hoping to force landlords looking to open properties with fewer than six residents to get permission.