Ipswich residents have been left "devastated" by plans to reduce historic trees on parkland in the town.

An application was made to Ipswich Borough Council for works to protected trees at Red House Park, off Tuddenham Road.

If approved, the works would involve felling and reducing ash, sycamore, oak, and London Plane varieties at the park, near Christchurch Park.

The works are for safety reasons, according to application documents, with a detailed tree assessment showing issues of decay, weakness, and stem failure.

Linda Chambers, 76, Tuddenham Road resident and chairperson of Save Our Country Spaces (SOCS), said: "We would like the application to be withdrawn, so the residents can inspect the plans. It's absolutely horrendous.

"This is an absolutely beautiful ancient park. There is a beautiful sycamore tree here that they would like to cut two metres from. We want to save this ancient park.

"There are plans for a new housing development around the park, so why can't they just save the park for the wildlife? It's heartbreaking. We're all devastated."

Ipswich Star: Trees in Red House ParkTrees in Red House Park (Image: Charlotte Bond)

Tom Hunt, MP for Ipswich, who has met with the residents, added: "I've been left concerned with how this matter has been handled by the Borough Council.

"I completely understand why so many of my constituents on Tuddenham Road feel so strongly about the matter.

"These are ancient beautiful trees that we're talking about here that are rightfully protected. This is not a matter to be cavalier about. 

"There are a large number of my constituents in this part of town that have become alarmed by the chipping away of the natural environment that surrounds where they live.

Ipswich Star: Tom Hunt met with Tuddenham Road residents to discuss the situation at Red House Farm.Tom Hunt met with Tuddenham Road residents to discuss the situation at Red House Farm. (Image: The office of Tom Hunt MP)

"Clearly, the approval of the north Ipswich development was core to this but these latest developments have only exacerbated this sense."

A spokesperson from Ipswich Borough Council said that the application will be reviewed, discussed, and determined at the Planning and Development Committee on Wednesday, January 10.

Members of the public can provide their comments on the Ipswich Borough Council online portal at: www.ipswich.gov.uk/content/having-your-say