Hopes that former toilet block at Whitehouse Park in Ipswich could be converted into a kiosk and clubroom have been ended when it was demolished on Monday.

But that has not ended hopes of a new centre being built on the site - water and electricity supplies to the site have been capped and retained.

The building closed after new low-maintenance eco-toilets were introduced at the park three years ago but the North West Ipswich Big Local Trust had hoped to convert them into a kiosk and meeting room for local organisations.

Ipswich Star: The Whitehouse Toilet block could not be saved.The Whitehouse Toilet block could not be saved. (Image: Paul Geater)

That turned out not to be possible - partly because the old building contained asbestos - but Ipswich Council did agree to leave the services connected so it would be possible to connect any new building there to electricity and water with minimal problems.

Demolition had been planned at the end of last year - but the fencing went up around the building at the New Year.

And a team moved in to flatten the old building on Monday, leaving nothing but a pile of rubble by Tuesday morning.