A community group says it has "lost faith and trust" in the planning process, claiming there has been a catalogue of errors in an application for works to protected trees.

The Save Our Country Spaces (SOCS) claims correct processes were not followed regarding the application concerning Red House Park, off Tuddenham Road in Ipswich.

The plans were approved at the Ipswich Borough Council Planning and Development Committee on Wednesday (January 10).

The group says incorrect TPO numbers were used, and thus the public has been denied their opportunity to accurately inspect the plans.

Ipswich Star: Trees in Red House ParkTrees in Red House Park (Image: Charlotte Bond)

Barbara Robertson, secretary of Save Our Country Spaces (SOCS), said: "There is a process, which should be followed, and the public should have their part, and we have been denied that.

"Even during the meeting, there was confusion over which tree they were discussing. If they cannot work it out, how can the public know what is happening, in an accurate way?

"We are incandescent. The public has lost trust in planning. They re-issued a consultation, but the incorrect information was still contained in that."

The group has since raised a complaint with the council.

An Ipswich Borough Council spokesperson said: “The initial submission utilised independent tree reference numbers and did not refer to TPO numbers and there is no statutory requirement to do so.

"However, to ensure appropriate public scrutiny, the Local Planning Authority sought additional plans which showed the corresponding TPO numbers.

"These plans were then subject to a further 14-day re-consultation period, ensuring that the public had the opportunity to inspect the information.

"The plans made it clear which trees were affected and officers highlighted these in the presentation to Planning and Development Committee.

"The application, including the process, was robustly discussed and considered by the Planning and Development Committee on January 10, at which the application was approved.”