The sugar beet that was left at the side of the road between Ipswich and Claydon is being removed after the county council urged for it to be taken away.

A lengthy pile of the crop was discovered by Suffolk Highways in Old Norwich Road on Tuesday morning.

Suffolk Highways said it was "unaware" the produce would be left at the roadside, which has blocked a cycleway.

But workers were spotted removing the sugar beet using diggers and lorries on Wednesday morning.

Ipswich Star: Diggers and lorries transport the sugar beet awayDiggers and lorries transport the sugar beet away (Image: Charlotte Bond)

After the sugar beet was found, a Suffolk Highways spokesman said: "We were unaware that the produce would be left at the location. 

"The road is a live bus route and where the produce has been left is part of the cycleway and should not be used as a holding bay for produce. 

"The relevant district has been contacted but it is hoped that the owner will collect and remove as soon as possible."

Glenn Buckingham, Suffolk NFU deputy chairman, said he was unaware who the sugar beet belonged to but said it would have been left there for a reason.

Ipswich Star: Sugar beet is worth £40 per tonneSugar beet is worth £40 per tonne (Image: Charlotte Bond)

He estimated the pile could weigh as much as 300 tonnes, with sugar beet being worth £40 per tonne.

Speaking before the workers were seen removing the produce, Mr Buckingham said: "Let's hope it is cleared soon. I'm not sure who the farmer is and I'm sure they will clear it as soon as they can.

Ipswich Star: Glenn Buckingham, Suffolk NFU deputy chairmanGlenn Buckingham, Suffolk NFU deputy chairman (Image: Denise Bradley)

"Sugar beet is not fly-tipped – they are worth a lot of money to a farmer. I'm sure the sugar beet factory [British Sugar in Bury St Edmunds] would be very grateful to have it.

"Sugar beet is worth £40 a tonne, and there appears to be 200 to 300 tonnes there.

"What has gone wrong is unfortunate in that it has been put in the wrong place along a cycleway."