Plans for a new home in Ipswich's Ransome Crescent have been rejected, with the borough council raising concerns that the street would become “cramped” and dominated by cars. 

It was suggested to Ipswich Borough Council in November last year to convert the residential garden at 44 Ransome Crescent into a new home. 

Plans suggested building a two-storey home at the site complete with two bedrooms and a bathroom on the first floor.

On the ground floor, there would have been a combined kitchen and living space and a downstairs bathroom.   

However, Ipswich Borough Council refused these plans last Friday. 

In a notice explaining its decision, the council said that there would not be sufficient space left between the home and the new rear garden boundary with number 44 in the residential street.  

The council also said the plans would result in the “loss of greenery and open space” of the garden of number 44, which would “be replaced by a cramped development, which results in a car dominated frontage”.