Plans are once more underway to transform a former dog grooming salon in Nacton Road in Ipswich into a new home. 

Proposals have been ongoing to makeover the former premises of the Clip Joint dog groomers at 320 Nacton Road, in the south-east of the town, for some time. 

In August last year, it was suggested that the ground floor could be converted into a three-bedroom apartment, while renovations could be made to the upper floor to turn it into a separate two-bedroom flat. However, these plans were later withdrawn. 

It has now been proposed to convert the whole building into a three-bedroom apartment. 

If accepted, the ground floor where the dog groomers used to be will have a separate kitchen, a sitting room, a drawing room, a home office and a bathroom. A second bathroom and three bedrooms will be on the first floor.  

Ipswich Brough Council sets an automatic eight-week target date for a decision on all applications it receives.

This proposal has been given a target date of March 12.