Three new homes could soon be available above a hair salon in Ipswich town centre. 

It has been proposed to create a one-bedroom flat and two studio flats on the floors above Rush Hair in Upper Brook Street. 

According to a planning statement prepared by the Essex-based LivArch architectural and design consultants, the first and second floors of 9 Upper Brook Street have been unoccupied for a “long period of time”. 

Until 2014, the building was occupied by Santander, which used all three floors. However, the hair salon currently only has use of the ground floor.  

The statement said that other uses for the floors had been considered, such as office space, but that it was felt that the first and second floors would be best suited to housing. 

If accepted, the two studio flats will be located on the first floor, while the second floor will become a one-bedroom flat with a combined kitchen, living and dining area. 

All three flats will be accessed via the front door which opens into Upper Brook Street.  

Ipswich Borough Council sets an automatic eight-week target date for a decision on all applications it receives, and has set a date for a decision on this proposal of March 12.