The prosecution and defence cases for teenagers accused of murdering an 18-year-old in Ipswich town centre have been summarised to a jury.

Alfie Hammett, 19, and Joshua Howell, 18, have both been charged with the murder of Raymond James Quigley on January 17 last year in Westgate Street, as well as possession of an offensive weapon in a public place.

Hammett, of Larkhill Rise, Rushmere St Andrew, and Howell, of Wellington Street, Ipswich, both deny the charges and are on trial.

Defence barrister for Hammett, Stephen Rose KC, told the jury to “tread with care” when drawing any conclusions from any CCTV images which the prosecution have argued implicate Hammett.

Hammett has not given evidence but his defence disputes that he is the suspect, who the police have called Male 1, seen in CCTV footage seen leaving the scene of the killing.

Mr Rose asked the jury if they could be sure the man seen in each piece of footage is in fact the same man each time, before they even consider if the man is Hammett.

Prosecutor Andrew Jackson has also summarised for the jury.

The prosecution have alleged that Howell and Hammett met at Suffolk New College with a plan to ambush and kill Mr Quigley, from Wymondham in Norfolk, as part of a "deep rooted gang rivalry".

The court has heard from Jackson that Howell held Mr Quigley’s friends at bay with a machete while Hammett stabbed Mr Quigley to death and then ran off back to his moped parked at Bishops Hill and drove back to Larkhill Rise.

Howell’s defence will be laid out for the final time on Monday before the jury is set to retire to consider its verdicts.

The trial continues.