Food reviewer Charlotte Bond visited the Fludyers Hotel in Felixstowe to try out their January set menu.

It was a cold winter evening when I arrived at the Fludyers Hotel on the coast of Felixstowe with my partner.

We were looking forward to some hearty and cosy food to warm us up.

The restaurant was being refurbished, therefore we had a table booked in the Simpsons room. As we entered we were hit by an inviting warmth and relaxed feel. There were lots of people enjoying their meals and drinking with friends and family.

It certainly had a very welcoming feel to the place.

We were seated near the bar area and were swiftly greeted with the drinks menu. I opted for a Zinfandel Rose and my partner went for a bottle of Peroni beer.

After the friendly waitress took our drinks order we then had a browse of the food menu. The Fludyers had on offer a set menu, two courses for £20 or three courses for £25 which we thought was a really good deal considering the lovely menu they had on offer.

Ipswich Star: Chicken liver parfait at the Fludyers Hotel in FelixstoweChicken liver parfait at the Fludyers Hotel in Felixstowe (Image: Charlotte Bond)

We decided to go for a starter. I opted for the chicken liver parfait accompanied with red onion marmalade, toast brioche and a side salad.

My partner went for the panko fried brie with chilli jam and a dressed salad.

The dishes came out promptly and we were given generous portions, not too much but just enough to keep us wanting more for the next course.

Ipswich Star: Panko fried brie at the Fludyers Hotel in FelixstowePanko fried brie at the Fludyers Hotel in Felixstowe (Image: Charlotte Bond)

My chicken liver parfait was very moreish, especially with the onion marmalade, and I wiped the plate clean.

My partner enjoyed his panko fried brie, the breadcrumb crust concealed the creamy warm brie, offering a nice texture to the dish and also came with a tangy sweet chilli jam.

Onto the main meal and I opted for the Thai yellow chicken curry with basmati rice and prawn crackers and my partner went for the pie of the day which was a chicken, leek and whole grain mustard pie with creamy mash, kale and gravy.

Ipswich Star: The Thai yellow curry at the Fludyers Hotel in FelixstoweThe Thai yellow curry at the Fludyers Hotel in Felixstowe (Image: Charlotte Bond)

The curry had a spicy kick to it but it wasn’t overpowering. I am personally not keen on particularly spicy curries but this one had a nice heat to it which was perfect for a cold winter’s evening. I had the chicken curry but there was a choice of vegetable or prawn with this dish.

My partner thoroughly enjoyed the pie. He said his luck was in because if he were to choose any pie filling it would be this one.

Ipswich Star: Chicken, leek and mustard pie at the Fludyers Hotel in FelixstoweChicken, leek and mustard pie at the Fludyers Hotel in Felixstowe (Image: Charlotte Bond)

The pie was filled to the brim with plenty of meat. It was a very hearty main and he was almost defeated by it which doesn’t happen very often.

We also managed to squeeze in a dessert.

Ipswich Star: Chocolate brownie at the Fludyers Hotel in FelixstoweChocolate brownie at the Fludyers Hotel in Felixstowe (Image: Charlotte Bond)

I had the warm triple chocolate brownie with chocolate sauce and vanilla ice cream and my partner, being a meringue fan, opted for the pavlova with berry compote and Chantilly cream.

The brownie again was a very generous portion, and it was served warm so the chocolate pieces in the brownie were slightly melted.

The ice cream was a cool and creamy accompaniment which was refreshing to the palette.

The pavlova was presented like a huge meringue macaron on a river of coulis. The pavlova was a light dish which offered a nice contrast to the filling main, with the sour compote bringing a refreshing end to the meal.

Overall we thoroughly enjoyed our dining experience at the Fludyers.

The staff were very friendly and attentive, we didn’t have to wait for long before we got served.

The food was exceptional, and I think the set menu, which runs until the end of January, offered something for everyone at an affordable price.

If you’re looking for a pick me up and have a touch of the January blues, I would definitely recommend a trip to this restaurant.