The new Travelodge in Russell Road has been told by the council that its fence is unacceptable. 

The hotel opened its doors to guests in June last year. However, talks were still ongoing with the council, and it had not yet been agreed that its proposed electric gates and fencing met with Ipswich Borough Council’s conditions.  

In May, the council informed developers that this was the case. Travelodge appealed the decision, but in the meantime went ahead and built the fence and gates and opened for business on June 21

That appeal has now been lost. 

In a notice explaining its decision, the council said electric gates were necessary for the security of cars parked in the undercroft due to crime and community safety concerns. 

In a notice explaining its decision, the council said that it had no doubt that the gates were secure, but that lightweight material used for the fence panels gave a “visually awkward” appearance. 

The council continued: “The result is that the fencing and gates as erected give the clear impression of a disjointed bolt-on afterthought, not an integral part of the building design despite the need for undercroft security being established during the initial design concept stage for the building.” 

It has therefore dismissed Travelodge's appeal, and ruled that the fence and electric gates do not meet planning standards.