The ultimate game will launch in Ipswich next month, and you can win a prize just by getting out and about around the town.

From February 14, Beat the Street will turn the town into a giant physical game.

Created by Dr William Bird MBE, the challenge is to rack up as much distance in a team by walking, cycling, running or even scooting around Ipswich.

It aims to help people get more active as well as reduce congestion, pollution and help people connect with their community.

Players can join a school, community, workplace team and there are prizes for the teams that travel the furthest, ranging from vouchers for books to sports equipment. 

There is a total points leaderboard and an average leaderboard, so opportunities for teams of all sizes to win. 

Once the game is underway, players find their nearest “Beat Box” which will appear on lampposts around the borough. There will be more than 140 of these sensors that record each players’ point tally.

After hovering your Beat card, points will be recorded. 

The game has been brought to Ipswich by Intelligent Health in partnership with Suffolk County Council, Ipswich and East Suffolk Alliance, and Ipswich Borough Council.

It is funded through Suffolk County Council’s Public Health Grant, which is ringfenced to support Public Health interventions, and the National Lottery via Sport England.

Cllr Paul West, Suffolk County Council Cabinet Member for Ipswich, said: “It’s an inclusive and compelling game that encourages you to move more in a fun way with friends and family, helping more people in Ipswich to reap the health, wellbeing and environmental benefits of an active lifestyle. The game supports two of the county council’s ambitions; looking after the health and wellbeing of our residents and protecting and enhancing our environment.

“It’s free to take part and it’s open to everyone regardless of age, ability or background.”

Councillor John Cook, Ipswich Borough Council portfolio holder for communities and sport, said he was ready to see how "competitive" Ipswich can be.

He said: “We’re excited for the arrival of this this interactive game which encourages everyone to walk, run, cycle and scoot around Ipswich.

"Beat the Street has had a positive impact in other towns and cities across the country, so we’re looking forward to seeing how this game will help people of all ages to explore the town, become more physically active, as well as bringing friends and families together."

Beat the Street will run in Ipswich from Wednesday, February 14, to Wednesday, March 27.

Children use a card and map which will be provided by participating primary schools, and adults can pick up a free card from one of the distribution points listed on the Beat the Street Ipswich website  at

Alternatively, players over the age of 13 can download the free Beat the Street app to play the game with their phone.