The owners of a popular boozer in Ipswich say they feel "harassed" by police and traffic wardens while trying to run their business.

Frank Walsh and Colleen Seymour, joint owners of St Jude's Brewery Tavern on St Matthew's Street, have received a notice of intended prosecution (NIP) for unloading their business van on the street.

The notice, from Norfolk and Suffolk Police, was issued for parking on Wednesday, January 24, at 3.55pm, within the timeframe in which waiting is allowed.

Suffolk police have since apologised for the notice, which was issued in error on this occasion, and it has now been cancelled, with a spokesperson adding that Ipswich Borough Council is usually responsible for parking enforcement.

Waiting is allowed in a space to the left of the venue before 8am, between 9.30am and 12pm, between 2.30pm and 4.30pm, and between 6pm and 8am, according to Ipswich Borough Council.

But Ms Seymour says they are often questioned by traffic officers, even though they load and unload within these times.

Ms Seymour said: "There are set times when we can load and unload, so we were well within our specified time.

"We have to unload heavy barrels. How far should we have to carry them? We never park on the bus stop. We have been here for 13 years and we are in a marked van so they know it is us.

"It makes us feel stressed. Whenever we have to drop off anything, or we have a delivery, the first thing we think of is how are we going to get into the door.

"We are running a business. Don't hassle us."

Mr Walsh added: "We are finding it a constant nightmare to run our business like this.

"With the high number of shops and businesses closing in this town, we should be supported and a loading bay put in place to encourage not to move our business out of Ipswich."

A NIP is a warning that they may face prosecution for allowing a vehicle to wait on a road where waiting is prohibited.

An Ipswich Borough Council spokesperson said the council is not responsible for any actions taken by police.

A spokesperson added: “Ipswich Borough Council carries out the enforcement of parking and loading restrictions in Ipswich on behalf of Suffolk County Council. 

"Loading is prohibited directly outside this business on St Matthews St as this area is a bus clearway that allows buses to pull up alongside the kerb at the adjacent bus stop, so that passengers who may be less mobile, in a wheelchair or with a pram can safely get on and off the bus.

"However, directly to the left of this business - just a few steps away - before 8am, between 9:30am and 12pm, between 2:30pm and 4:30pm, between 6pm and 8am loading is allowed.

"This gives a 4 ½ hour window for loading during the 7-hour period between 9:30am and 4:30pm.

"It is the responsibility of the business and their suppliers to ensure that deliveries and collections are made at times when this is permitted, which is an everyday requirement of many businesses not just in Ipswich but nationwide.

"In order to maintain the safety of bus passengers, pedestrians, cyclists and to assist with the movement of traffic in the peak periods the Borough Council’s Civil Enforcement Officers will issue an immediate Penalty Charge Notice when they observe a vehicle waiting or loading in contravention of the restrictions in place.”