A community radio station based in Ipswich has set up a fundraiser to help the station stay on air after its transmitter was ruined by weather.

Ipswich Community Radio, which broadcasts in the town and further afield, started the fundraiser to raise £3,000 for a new FM transmitter, meaning the station would be able to continue to broadcast over the radio – rather than just online.

Due to the station being a community-run platform, with all involved being volunteers, it does not have money in reserve to be able to afford something like this when it needs new equipment.

Its current transmitter, which is now broken, was stationed on top of Chantry High School with the issue being it was open to the elements.

Ipswich Star: One of the presenters, Chris Mapey in the studioOne of the presenters, Chris Mapey in the studio (Image: Submitted)

Daniel Moore, station manager, said: "The money will cover the cost of someone coming out to the site to inspect and install.

"One thing that is crucial is the location for the new transmitter.

"We're working with Ipswich Hospital, which is where the new one is going to go on top of the maternity block.

"We just want any help we can."

In the past, Ipswich Community Radio has acted as a foot in the door for aspiring broadcast journalists, as well as offering a chance for local musicians to get their music heard.

Some big names have had their music played on the station before going on to have successful careers, including Framlingham-raised singer-songwriter and global superstar Ed Sheeran.

Ipswich Star: The transmitter on the roof of Chantry High SchoolThe transmitter on the roof of Chantry High School (Image: Submitted)

The fundraiser was set up on GoFundMe on January 24, and has gone on to raise almost half the target – with £1,310 currently raised.

Mr Moore added: "I'm absolutely thrilled at how quickly we gained some funds for this.

"It's really appreciated and it will go a long way to helping us."

Ipswich Star: The transmitterThe transmitter (Image: Submitted)