Could you give one-year-old Chilli her forever home?

Chilli the pug came into the care of the RSPCA after her previous owners could no longer look after her. 

Staff at the RSPCA Suffolk Central branch have described her as a "sweet and excitable little girl, who is full of beans". 

She enjoys being in the company of her favourite people and loves a quick game of fetch with her favourite stuffed toys.

Due to her breed, she can only manage short walks and is looking for a new family who understands this and are happy to engage her in lots of brain games at home to keep her occupied. 

Her new owners will have to be home most of the time to help her settle in to her new home.

A spokeswoman for the RSPCA said: "Chilli will need an operation once she is settled in her new home for bilateral luxating patella, and potential BOAS surgery.

"Whilst the branch are working hard to secure the funding for this, any financial help from her new owners would be greatly appreciated."

Due to the operation needed, she cannot be rehomed with other dogs at present as she will need to undergo a strict recovery process, but she may be able to live with another suitably matched dog in the future.