A former Green Party leader and baroness joined campaigners in Ipswich this weekend in an attempt to have the town centre's first Green councillor elected in May.

The campaign trail saw councillors meet independent businesses and knock on doors to hear the concerns of residents on Saturday, February 3.

Baroness Natalie Bennett, who is now a member of the House of Lords, said: "With mid-Suffolk being the first Green majority council in the nation, and Green councillor numbers surging across the county, I was delighted to join David Plowman and members from around the region campaigning on Saturday.

"This is the final brick to complete what some have called the 'Green wall' across Suffolk - of representation on every council, completing the county's place of Green leadership.

"I found from speaking to residents that many are keen to add their voices as 'cement' to make it happen.

"They want a new, fresh voice on Ipswich Borough Council, challenging, scrutinising, asking tough questions.

"Many feel that is what is urgently needed, on issues from the experience of visiting the centre of Ipswich to the cleanliness of their local streets."

David Plowman, Green candidate for Alexandra ward, added: “We did hear a number of concerns when listening to the local community. We were also made aware of the community feel that exists in Ipswich.

"It was clear that people were very supportive of having a Green Party voice on Ipswich Borough Council. We can win in Alexandra ward.”

The party's prospective parliamentary candidate for the Ipswich constituency, Adria Pittock, was also introduced.

Of her campaign, she said: "I would campaign for the conservation and expansion of Ipswich’s green spaces and actions to reduce our carbon emissions with better public transport and cycling provision, affordable, carbon neutral housing and local green energy supplies.

"I would also work for improved mental health services, increased opportunities for young
people and greater community cohesion in Ipswich.”