An Ipswich woman has been told to pay £458 by magistrates after dropping a cigarette in the town centre and failing to pay a fine.

Waste enforcement officers from Ipswich Borough Council stopped Izabella Stejaru in Carr Street last June after she was spotted discarding a cigarette butt onto the ground outside the Post Office. 

Stejaru, who lives in Pownall Road, initially gave them false details but her true identity was uncovered after investigations.

She was served a fixed penalty notice of £80 for the offence of littering. 

Stejaru failed to pay the penalty, despite numerous reminder letters, and was taken to court by the council. 

At a hearing in Suffolk Magistrates' Court in Ipswich, she was found guilty of littering and has been ordered to pay fines totalling £458. 

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John Cook, Ipswich Borough Council portfolio holder for communities and sport, said: "This is a sizeable fine which clearly sends the message that dropping cigarette butts - whether onto the ground or down drains - is considered littering, punishable as a criminal offence.

"It also drums home the fact that it's an offence for anyone caught by our Enforcement Officers to give false details.

"There's no excuse for littering, it's not acceptable at any level. Those caught doing so anywhere in Ipswich will be fined or prosecuted."