A 55-year-old former Scout leader has been sentenced to 20 months in prison for the illegal filming or photographing of children and adults. 

Ian Butcher, of Woodbridge Road East, in Ipswich, appeared before Ipswich Crown Court on Monday.

Butcher previously pleaded guilty to one count of taking an indecent photograph of a child, one count of making an indecent photograph of a child and two counts of voyeurism relating to the recording of the private act of an adult. 

The incidents relate to eight separate victims, aged between 12 and 32.

Butcher was in the Scouts for almost 40 years and had even been commended by the late Queen Elizabeth II for his services to the organisation.

Prosecutor Eleanor Sheerin told the court Butcher had recorded videos of girls getting changed.

Six of the 11 videos found by police on Butcher’s phone were of children.  

One of the victims spoke from the witness stand on how seriously the crimes had affected her.

Ipswich Star: Butcher, of Woodbridge Road East, was jailed for 20 monthsButcher, of Woodbridge Road East, was jailed for 20 months (Image: Suffolk police)

She described the moment she found out what Butcher had done and said it “broke my heart and left me shocked to my core”.

“The disgusting arrogance of this man has shaken me and scared me,” she added.

“I cannot shower anywhere now without checking doors are locked.

“I always think what if someone is looking.”

She acknowledged the anguish the revelation had caused Butcher’s family too.

She added: “The pain he has caused his victims equals the pain he has caused his family.

“We have helped them through this utter devastation to their lives.”

Another victim statement was also read out and further spoke of Butcher’s betrayal of trust.

It read: “Ian has fundamentally impacted my ability to trust anybody.

“I have experienced huge emotional turmoil."

In the months following the discovery of the videos, the victim said: “I was tearful, anxious and unable to sleep.

“I find it difficult to talk or even think about without crying.”

Butcher had encouraged her to recruit other girls, which had left her with an "immense" sense of guilt.

The court heard from the statement by another victim who said she felt sorry for Butcher’s wife of almost 30 years, who had now left him.

The victim said: “My heart goes out to his family and his wonderful wife.

“I’m sorry you were betrayed, like me.

“I’m sorry we now stand in solidarity, having to be united to do this.”

Defence barrister Rod Hayler spoke on behalf of Butcher to a court packed with members of the defendant’s family alongside the victims and their relations.

Mr Hayler said Butcher was “deeply ashamed” and “acutely aware of the harm he has done”.

“He knows no worse of apology can repair the harm he has done but he does wish to make that apology," he added.

He said Butcher had “tried to understand what led him to take advantage of his position” by immediately seeking counselling.

However during the conclusion of sentencing Judge David Wilson told Butcher: “Your behaviour has had a devastating and lifelong impact on your victims.

“The sentence must be immediate to reflect the devastation to the lives that you have blighted.”

As well as being jailed, Judge Wilson prohibited Butcher from deleting history on digital devices without notifying police and he must give notice if he ever gets any new device for a period of 10 years.