Personal security for Ipswich MP Tom Hunt has been increased over recent months after he has seen a rise in the number of death threats sent to him.

Mr Hunt spoke about the increasing threats being sent to MPs from all sides in the wake of the House of Commons debate on Gaza this week.

The Ipswich MP told us he had received about a dozen death threats since he was first elected to the House of Commons in December 2019 - but eight of them had come since the conflict in Gaza blew up in October last year.

He said: "Some of the threats have been more serious than others - but I've taken them all to the police so they are aware of what is happening."

Ipswich Star: Sir David Amess MP was killed in 2021Sir David Amess MP was killed in 2021 (Image: PA)

The question of MPs' security was highlighted by the assassinations of Jo Cox in 2016 and Sir David Amess in 2021 - but it also came under the spotlight when Conservative MP Tobias Ellwood's home was targeted by anti-Israel protesters last month.

Mr Hunt said: "I haven't seen the same level of threat as Tobias Ellwood and it is clear that many of my colleagues have had similar threats.

"As a result if I am going to a pre-planned event now there has to be security there. It's not necessary if I'm just making unplanned visits to see people - but if an event has been advertised like my Town Hall meetings then we have to ensure there is security."

Ipswich Star: Jo Cox MP was murdered in 2016Jo Cox MP was murdered in 2016 (Image: PA)

He said he appreciated he had taken a robust view on some issues - but had been surprised at the increase in threats after the issues in the Gaza arose because that was not a subject he had been particularly vocal about.

Suffolk Coastal MP and former Environment Secretary Therese Coffey revealed last year that she had received death threats while her department was taking legislation to ban XL Bully dogs through the House of Commons.

And Central Suffolk and North Ipswich MP Dr Dan Poulter has also had to call in the police after he received threats which were also directed to his staff and family.

Dr Poulter said he had noticed the level of abuse and threat had increased over the years - and felt the rise in the use of social media had fuelled this.

He said: "Like Tom, I now have to ensure there is some security when I hold constituency surgeries and attend public meetings."

He had occasionally had to contact police - and was aware that one person had been given a police caution after some particularly persistent abuse.