An Ipswich eight-year-old has impressed his family with his dedication and energy after completing his 100th parkrun in Ipswich.

Vinnie Hindle marked the occasion on Sunday, February 18 – even running in torrential rain and mud.

The Meadows Montessori School pupil took part in the junior parkrun in Christchurch Park supported by teacher Adriana Houchell and headteacher Sam Sims, who ran alongside him this weekend.

Vinnie has been taking part in the Ipswich parkrun since soon after turning four, after trying to join in when he was in the park as a toddler.

Ipswich Star: Vinnie Hindle (middle) with teacher Adriana Houchell (left) and headteacher Sam SimsVinnie Hindle (middle) with teacher Adriana Houchell (left) and headteacher Sam Sims (Image: Contributed)

His mother Loraine said: "I'm really proud of him and pleased for him as well.

"He even ran in very wet conditions on Sunday. It was very muddy.

"I'm quite amazed that he has kept this up. He began taking part in the parkrun two months after he turned four. We would go to the park, usually quite early on a Sunday morning because he liked waking up very early.

"He would always try joining in with the running when he was toddler-age, so I thought I would trial it, letting him do the two laps. 

"He then loved it, and since then he is very much the one driving it. He loves the parkrun and is very enthusiastic about it.

"He's now determined to make it to 200!"

She described her son as "very funny, very full of life, enthusiastic and passionate about his interests", who has taken part in many activities at school and enjoys playing football in his lunch breaks.

Loraine added: "I usually run it with him every weekend, or his grandad does.

"He had a grandma running with him at one point, and his dad as well.

"He has roped us all into it at different stages, keeping us all healthy."