An Ipswich care in the community service does not ensure all staff have completed DBS checks before starting work, according to a new inspection report.

The Care Signature Christian Homecare Services was rated Requires Improvement in its latest CQC (Care Quality Commission) report, published on February 15.

However, the company, which is based in White House Road, said that some of the recruitment issues took place before the current management.

The service, which provides personal care to people in their own homes, helping with tasks such as personal hygiene and eating.

The report also noted that people were placed at risk of harm as care records did not always include clear guidelines.

Inspection visits took place in November and December 2023 which found that the service requires improvement in the areas of safety and leadership.

The report said that “staff were not always safely recruited” to work with vulnerable people as not all checks took place prior to employment, with inspectors finding some Disclosure and Barring (DBS) checks completed up to five months after start dates.

Although the service said care staff would not have undertaken care tasks alone during this time, they were “unable to evidence this”, the report said.

Many positive aspects were also noted, including how the registered manager was “receptive” to feedback and displayed a willingness to make improvements where needed during the inspection.

Most people receiving care felt safe, although they felt as though staff did not always know their specific care support needs and potential risks as there were many different staff members.

A spokesperson from Care Signature Christian Homecare Services said: “We had not anticipated an overall Requires Improvement rating, especially given that some of the highlighted issues such as recruitment transpired before our current management was in place.

“Nevertheless, we acknowledge the value of feedback and understand that the past shapes our present.

“We are committed to turning this situation around, we want to assure our community that we take this opportunity for improvement with sincerity and gratitude for the trust bestowed upon us.”

The service added that it is implementing changes through additional training, audits of care plans to rectify disparities and collaboration to ensure accurate care plans, and ongoing reviews and feedback to address issues.