A pair of twins from near Felixstowe are celebrating their first birthdays in four years today.

Kirton twins Isaac and Isabella are celebrating turning 12 years old – but today is only their third birthday.

The pair, who started high school in September, were born on February 29, 2012, making them 'leaplings'.

Isabella and Isaac's mum, Claire Trower, said her daughter enjoys horse riding, while her son enjoys swimming and playing computer games with his friends.

Ipswich Star: Isaac and Isabella are 'leaplings' having been born on February 29Isaac and Isabella are 'leaplings' having been born on February 29 (Image: Family)

The pair typically celebrate their 'birthday' on February 28 when it is not a leap year, but Claire said: "It's more special when it's on their actual birthday." 

She said: "We are going to Clutopia on Saturday to do an escape room with their friends."

She added that the pair enjoy having a special birthday but "don't like the fact it only happens every four years and people say they are actually three years old".