Move over Bananas in Pyjamas, Ipswich has its own fun bunch that are proving a huge hit to spectators and players on the non-league scene. 

Ipswich Wanderers have gained a group of loyal young fans who attend every game, home and away, wearing banana costumes.

The young fans presence has made a big impact to attendance, atmosphere and morale and gained attention on social media.

The group has its own account on X, formerly Twitter, sharing their experiences through Bananas on Tour.

Ipswich Star: The banana's watching the gameThe banana's watching the game (Image: Angela Mrozek)

Their first game was the Wanderer's home clash against Grays Athletic on January 23.

In a statement on X, the Bananas on Tour said: "I can't believe what was going to be a little joke has turned into something as big as this.

"We're all genuinely so grateful and this just comes to show the power of non-league football."

Ipswich Star: The group of lads watching a Wanderer's gameThe group of lads watching a Wanderer's game (Image: Angela Mrozek)

Their posts have been seen thousands of times by supporters around the country, with one video, of the group celebrating together in their banana costumes, being viewed over 12,000 times.

Kelly Hayes, safeguarding officer at Ipswich Wanderers said: "We've had a group of fans who have been with us for a long time called the Kesgrave Ultras.

"These boys are sort of the next generation of Wanderers' fans.

"It's really lovely to see because the Kesgrave Ultra's have taken them under their wing and taught them chants and the camaraderie is amazing.

Ipswich Star: The group has been going to Ipswich Wanderer's games since January 23 dressed as bananasThe group has been going to Ipswich Wanderer's games since January 23 dressed as bananas (Image: Angela Mrozek)

"Even my 12-year-old daughter has started to get involved because she thinks it's cool.

"They seem to multiply too, it started with around four of them, and now it's multiplying in bunches."

Anglia Produce has even sponsored the Bananas on Tour.

The bananas have their own logo which is the Ipswich Wanderers badge with the lion holding a banana.

Ipswich Star: The logo produced and sponsored by Anglia ProduceThe logo produced and sponsored by Anglia Produce (Image: Anglia Produce)

Kelly continued: "They're great for the club.

"They're great for the atmosphere and the players love it too, they have all signed their costumes.

"We encourage more to join in, other fruits are welcome."

Ipswich Star: The group watching footballThe group watching football (Image: Angela Mrozek)


Ipswich Star: The group at one of the gamesThe group at one of the games (Image: Angela Mrozek)

This weekend, Wanderers are offering two promotions for their game against Gorleston at the Humber Doucy Lane Sports Centre.

This includes a free soft drink and chips for any U18s who wears a banana costume, and another for all Ipswich Town season ticket holders, who can get half price entry.