The father of a woman allegedly stalked by her child’s father gave evidence that nothing he did or said made any impact on the defendant’s behaviour.

Wednesday saw the second day of Kyle Wiggins’ trial at Ipswich Crown Court. Wiggins is accused of stalking the mother of his child from October 31, 2022, to April 8, 2023.

Wiggins, 25 and of Clapgate Lane in Ipswich, has denied the charges.

On Wednesday, the woman’s father told the court that during the period Wiggins is accused of stalking, he grew concerned for the defendant’s mental health.

He said that when he first met the defendant, around 2017, he thought Wiggins was “very presentable and articulate” but “over the years, it became obvious that he was obsessive and delusional to some extent, in that he sometimes told me stories about [his and my daughter’s] relationship that as far as I’m aware just didn’t happen”.

He had been acting as an intermediary between his daughter and the defendant, with Wiggins texting him to make arrangements to see his child.

Exchanges of texts between them were read before the court, with the defendant asserting multiple times that he loved both his child and their mother, that he thought they should be living together and trying to arrange to meet with her.

In her evidence, the woman said that she had been clear that while she would facilitate a relationship between the defendant and his child, she did not want to be in a romantic relationship with him.

Her father said that he had also told the defendant this. However, when he did so “it didn’t seem to make any impact”.

Also giving evidence was the defendant’s father, Michael Wiggins. Mr Wiggins said that he believed that being a good parent was a priority for his son.

He also said that he had concerns about his son’s mental health, which had grown “massively” over the years.

He said his son had been hit hard by the loss of his mother in 2017 when he was 18.

“What do teenagers do? Your mother’s your mother,” he said, adding that he thought this loss had affected his son “big time”.

Wiggins remains in custody. The trial continues.