The first day visitors can see Diego the brown bear at Jimmy's Farm & Wildlife Park has been revealed.

Owner Jimmy Doherty embarked on a mission to save Diego in October 2023, shortly after the arrival of Ewa the polar bear. 

Both Ewa and Diego were rescued from Orsa Predator Park in Sweden, which shut in 2022 and was sold to developers. 

Ipswich Star: Diego was the last bear to be rescued from the Swedish zooDiego was the last bear to be rescued from the Swedish zoo (Image: Jimmy's Farm)

Diego was the last bear at the zoo and could have been put to sleep had he not been rescued. 

Following public support which saw £60,000 raised, Diego was brought to the UK, where he spent the last few months in torpor - a type of hibernation - at Wildwood Trust in Devon while his new home was constructed.

Visitors will be able to see Diego for the first time from Thursday, March 28.

Mr Doherty said: “I couldn’t sit there and do nothing, knowing that Diego was going to be put to sleep. It just wasn’t right.

"I am over the moon that he is safely here, at his forever home, and incredibly proud of all my team and the public who helped us get here by donating to Diego’s cause. This is a marvellous achievement – to save the life of a remarkable bear.”

Stevie Sheppard, Park Director at Jimmy’s Farm & Wildlife Park added: “Seeing him walk into his new home was one of the highlights of my career. From watching the heart wrenching tears on those that cared for Diego in Sweden – at the thought of losing him forever - to him now being here at his forever home, I can’t explain the joy.

"We have worked with an incredible team of experts, and we are all so excited to get to know him, providing him with world class care and a living environment.