A Suffolk mayor has slammed 'awful' plans to close a busy through road in his resort town for eight weeks, which he fears will cause traffic chaos during the summer season.

Felixstowe mayor Seamus Bennett is now seeking to change the timings of the planned closure of Candlet Road over a two month period from May to July to enable a roundabout to be created to serve a Bloor Homes development of 368 homes.

The new infrastructure will also act as an entrance to the major 2,000-home North Felixstowe Garden Neighbourhood, which will be built on a 345 acre site stretching from Gulpher Road in the north to the Dock Spur roundabout in the west and Ferry Road in the east.

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But the closure will mean that traffic will have to use alternative routes, potentially along the Dock Spur road and Langer Road.

Mr Bennett said he was seeking a meeting with planners at East Suffolk Council to see if the works could be delayed to a less busy period outside the peak season, such as October and November.

Although the county council's highways department facilitates the works, the plans were approved as part of planning permission for the development by East Suffolk Council.

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"My views are that it is awful. It is terrible that the proposed closing date for Candlet Road is the summer.

"It is not quite in the school holidays, but it is very much close to the start of the season, May half-term, the Suffolk Show and the start of the school holidays," Mr Bennett said.

He added there was cross party unanimity among town councillors in favour of changing the plans, while councillors had met representatives of Bloor Homes who were also open to changing the timing of the work.

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A county council spokesperson said the work had originally been due to run for 12 weeks, but had been reduced to eight.

She said: "Suffolk County Council is working to facilitate the highway work required as part of the planning application approved by the district council.

"To avoid overnight noise pollution and travel disruption during the summer holidays, Suffolk County Council has requested that work is carried out over seven days a week, which has reduced the original duration by four weeks."

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