An Ipswich academy for children with special educational needs (SEND) has been said to be a place where students succeed "for the first time in several years" in its latest Ofsted inspection.

Parkside Academy, which has sites in Spring Road and Lindbergh Road, has been rated Good in all areas in the inspection, which took place on January 30 and 31.

Their previous Ofsted in 2020 found the school requiring improvement overall, although a number of areas were rated Good.

The latest report, published on Tuesday, highlighted how students experience success for the first time in several years and creates the right conditions to help students return to mainstream education.

Inspectors found that: "Pupils make good progress. At Lindbergh Road, some pupils experience success for the first time in several years.

"Their attendance often rises substantially, with some pupils attending school regularly from having not attended previously.

"Some, but not all, pupils have identified special educational needs and/or disabilities. The school ensures that pupils’ needs are accurately identified and met. It uses expert advice to do so when needed.

"The school creates the right conditions for pupils to return successfully to mainstream education."

The academy is a provision for pupils at GCSE level, offering short term and temporary support to pupils who are at risk of exclusion or those who need additional targeted intervention to help them in their mainstream school or other setting.

The academy also runs a site at Ipswich Hospital School, which educates children while they are NHS patients.

Ipswich Star: Parkside Academy is on Spring Road.Parkside Academy is on Spring Road. (Image: Parkside Academy)

Headteacher Kirsty Osborne said: “We are very pleased Ofsted have noted the incredible job done by our teachers. I am extremely proud to be part of this journey.”

The school is part of the Raedwald Trust, which runs alternative provision sites across Suffolk,  which provide education for children who cannot attend their mainstream school.

The trust is run by chief executive officer (CEO) Angela Ransby, and overseen by a board of trustees.

Ipswich Star: Angela Ransby, CEO of the Raedwald Trust.Angela Ransby, CEO of the Raedwald Trust. (Image: Raedwald Trust)

Angela Ransby, CEO of the Raedwald Trust, added: "This glowing report describes a school where the teachers are deeply committed to the children they teach.

“I was so pleased that inspectors noted the incredibly positive relationships between staff and students.

“It is genuinely touching to read that our students are experiencing success, some for the first time in years.

“They are growing both academically and in confidence and returning to their mainstream schools ready to meet challenges.”