An Ipswich man has been found guilty of stalking his former partner.

Kyle Wiggins, of Clapgate Lane, was found guilty by a jury at Ipswich Crown Court on Wednesday.

The 26-year-old was accused of having stalked a former partner from October 31, 2022, to April 8, 2023.

Throughout the course of Wiggins’ trial, which began on Tuesday last week, the court had heard how Wiggins became obsessed with a woman with whom he had a brief relationship in 2017 which resulted in the birth of a child.

The woman gave evidence, saying that she felt “bombarded” by messages from Wiggins, who would tell her that he loved her and thought he should be living together with her and their child.

The woman told the court that she made it clear that while she wanted Wiggins to have a positive relationship with his child, she did not wish to be in a romantic relationship with him.  

Wiggins chose not to appear in court when the verdict was read out. He will be sentenced in due course.