A parent of a student at college in Ipswich has slammed a "completely unacceptable and abusive" note left on her daughter's car amid an ongoing parking dispute.

A letter, which featured a number of expletives and threats, was left on the car of a student at One Sixth Form College in Ipswich.

The issue of parking between residents, students and the college has been one that has been going on for many years.

Last month, a resident stated it had been going on for nearly 10 years – stating that students don't want to use the dedicated Park & Ride in London Road out of "pure laziness."

However, a course of abusive notes have been left on the cars of students since then, with a parent stating: "This behaviour is completely unacceptable and abusive towards students, some of whom are under 18 and therefore minors.

Ipswich Star: The censored letter that was left on the students carThe censored letter that was left on the students car (Image: Submitted)

"My daughter is not lazy, has worked hard for her car and provides a car share for three of her friends in a bid to help reduce the parking issue.

"The park and ride at just over 20 minutes walk away is certainly not an ideal option in poor weather conditions.

"This note left by residents on my daughters car, which in fact was parked legally, we have checked, is not acceptable.

Ipswich Star: The parking issue has been long-runningThe parking issue has been long-running (Image: Archant)

"My husband actually had to follow her to school last week after this happened, to check where she had parked.

"Letters of a similar tone and different handwriting are left regularly on either my daughters or her friends' cars.

"This most recent letter has been he most abusive and contains the worst language.

Ipswich Star: This has been a long running issueThis has been a long running issue (Image: Archant)

"As young adults, they are naturally worried by these threats, it's really not acceptable."

Last month, residents said: "We pay to live there and can't have anyone visit us because we haven' got spaces for them.

"They park on grass verges which need cutting but we can't gain access to them because cars are on them, they park on pavements which means I sometimes need to walk my dog in the road.

"Ultimately, it's very lazy, inconsiderate and disrespectful."

The parent added: "I do understand the residents frustration, but how they expect to gain respect when leaving message such as this beggars belief.

"I would be so ashamed if my daughter had spoken to a resident in this manner.

"She was asked to move her car slightly the other day when parking, which my daughter did, and was thanked by the resident.

"However, the nature of the anonymous notes that are being left is just disgusting and far from polite."

Ipswich Star: Councillor Christopher HudsonCouncillor Christopher Hudson (Image: Suffolk County Council)

Suffolk County Councillor Christopher Hudson, whose electoral division includes Belstead and Pinewood, added: "My immediate reaction to the letter is that it is very disturbing.

"I understand on both sides, I understand the frustration of residents but this isn't pleasant.

"It's an unedifying letter, but we do need to press towards resolving the parking issue.

"I'm disturbed by the letter, but also at the parking nightmare which residents are facing. We have to resolve this matter."

Ipswich Star: One Sixth Form College in IpswichOne Sixth Form College in Ipswich (Image: Newsquest)

A spokesperson from One Sixth Form College said: "We have been in contact with the student to check on their wellbeing, clearly this is a worrying note and we have had conversations with the police regarding this.

"We have always engaged with the local community as a hub for its needs and whenever there are issues, we always seek to understand individual concerns and find solutions.

"Since the last time this issue was raised, we have increased bus routes, have been actively encouraging behaviour changes, continued to emphasise park and ride options, encouraged walking, cycling and rail options where available, challenged all car park users who do not display a parking permit, and we stress the need for our students to be mindful citizens when parking in and around our local community.

"We welcome further conversations and engagement with everyone - but would urge the individual to stop issuing threatening notes and instead come and talk to us so we can work together for the benefit of all."