An Ipswich resident with a rare brain condition has voiced concerns about how difficult it is to access the town centre, following plans to pedestrianise key streets.

Ipswich Borough Council says the new Traffic Regulation Order (TRO) would not affect Blue Badge parking spaces in the town.

Suffolk County Council announced proposals for the TRO seeking to restrict vehicle loading and waiting on many roads in Ipswich in efforts to clamp down on illegal parking.

Ipswich resident Georgina Parkes, who has a rare brain condition affecting her mobility, says that difficulties in parking for the disabled are not considered in plans.

Ms Parkes said: "Any proposals never seem to take into account disabled people, and being able to drive and park in the centre of town is the only feasible way for us to access the town centre."

The proposed TRO, which was under consultation this month, would introduce no waiting at any time, and no loading from 11am to 4.30pm, on several streets in the town centre.

There would also be no waiting and no loading at any time for Wingfield Street, and no loading 8am to 11am, and 4.30pm to 6pm Monday to Saturday on Tower Street.

Ms Parkes added: "It has got to the point where you have to plan to go into town, you pick a time when you think it will be quiet, and there are no spaces so you just come home.

"We are forced to out of town precincts, which are fast leading to the death of the town centre."

An Ipswich Borough Council spokesperson said: “The TRO proposals don’t change what disabled Blue Badge holders can currently lawfully do.

"In respect of Tower Street and Princes Street, the proposed 11am to 4.30pm loading restrictions only apply to the parts of those streets which are already pedestrianised, and where it is already an offence for someone, including disabled blue badge holders, to drive a motor vehicle, except where an exemption applies.”

A spokesperson for Suffolk Highways added: "Suffolk County Council is looking to provide alternative Blue Badge parking nearby on Wingfield Street, Ipswich.

"As part of the scheme, it is hoped that the wider footways and quieter roads will improve accessibility and create better conditions for people with reduced mobility."