Suffolk has seen thousands of items and animals wash up on the beach over the years. 

Whether it is an unexploded bomb or dead animals, some have been more crazier than others. 

Here are some of the most wild things to have been discovered on our shoreline.

Ipswich Star: The whale which was brought in at Felixstowe in 2022The whale which was brought in at Felixstowe in 2022 (Image: Ashleigh Tunnicliffe)

Dead whale 

In 2022, residents were shocked as a dead whale was found on a beach near Bawdsey. 

The 10 metre long creature washed up on sea defences near to the village, before being brought into Felixstowe Harbour days later. 

Shark carcass 

A shark carcass washed up onto the sands of Felixstowe beach in 2019. 

The basking shark appeared on the beach, close to the pier, in the early hours of a November morning. 

It is believed it died after being hit by a ship.

Ipswich Star: The unexploded bomb on Covehithe beach was found by a walkerThe unexploded bomb on Covehithe beach was found by a walker (Image: Suffolk Constabulary)

Unexploded bomb

Sea creatures are not the only thing to wash up on Suffolk beaches over the years.

During the summer of 2020, an unexploded mortar bomb was discovered on Covehithe beach by a walker. 

Police and the army bomb disposal team were called to the beach, before it was removed.

Ipswich Star: A starfish at Felixstowe in 2023A starfish at Felixstowe in 2023 (Image: Jodie Hall)


Starfish have appeared along the Suffolk coast on numerous occasions over the years. 

Thousands washed up on our shores following the Beast from the East in 2018, alongside a number of other sea creatures and wildlife. 

Scores of sea creatures were found on Felixstowe beach following Storm Ciaran in 2018.