A court has heard how a woman felt “violated” after she was allegedly followed by a man from a bar in Ipswich town centre and sexually assaulted.

Alazar Yohans, of no fixed address, was before Ipswich Crown Court on Tuesday charged with three counts of sexual assault.

The court heard from the alleged victim who said she had gone on a night out with three or four others, including her boyfriend, on October 1 last year.

They had gone to two bars and then ended up in Bar Twenty One at about 11pm.

This is where the woman says she first met a man, who she says is Yohans, as she came out of the toilet.

She said he kissed her without her consent on the stairs – however, Yohans has told the court that she smiled at him and that they in fact kissed consensually three times.

There was only a single moment of contact in CCTV footage from the bar shown to the jury.

The woman and her boyfriend then began walking back home but the complainant said she had hugged a different man she worked with as a security guard – which had sparked a “very heated argument” with her partner.

The argument continued as they walked away.

The prosecution’s case is that the boyfriend, who later told police he was “11 out of 10 drunk”, eventually ended up stumbling into a van, causing gashes to his face and began walking at a distance from the woman and finally walked off.

After this it is alleged Yohans and another man he was with began following the complainant while she was on her own.

Yohans then first put his hands down the woman’s trousers and then took her hand and placed it on his exposed penis the court heard from the woman, the court was told.

However, Yohans has said all this was consensual and that his penis had not been exposed .

It was further suggested to the woman that she in fact pushed her boyfriend into the van as part of the argument following this intimate interaction with Yohans.

After the alleged sexual assault the woman called 999.

This call was played to the jury and she was heard crying on the phone and telling a man, who she says was the other man Yohans was with: “No, no. You leave me alone.”

Yohans was arrested in the area at 3.50am shortly after the call, along with another man, while the woman was picked up at the junction of Cardiff Avenue and Montgomery Road.

During the cross examination of the woman, defence barrister Ella Ripper put it to her: “I suggest you were crying because what was supposed to be a nice evening had been ruined by an argument.”

“It had been ruined by Mr Yohans putting his hand down my trousers and then putting my hand on himself,” she responded.

Ms Ripper persisted and said: “I suggest you were also upset because you had a moment of poor judgment because you had cheated on [your boyfriend] who was only moments behind you. He might have seen you for all you knew.”

But the woman insisted she was in fact hoping he would come to help her when she had shouted “no” during the alleged assault.

The trial continues.