National Highways has confirmed it will not be issuing any fines after a speed limit blunder on the A14 and Orwell Bridge south of Ipswich.

Drivers were left confused after some signs on the A14 showed 40mph whereas others showed 60mph. 

National Highways confirmed on Tuesday morning that a reduced speed limit was put in place after a crash caused damage to a barrier in the westbound carriageway

However the fault left drivers nervous that they would receive a fine because of the fault. 

Replying to a comment on social media, a spokesman for National Highways said: "This was due to a technical fault and has been resolved. No fines will be issued."

Later on Tuesday a lane was closed in the westbound carriageway while National Highways carried out repairs to the damaged barrier. 

The closure caused severe disruption with traffic over the bridge coming to a standstill. 

There were severe delays on the road with traffic queuing back as far as junction 58 for the A12.

The lane has since reopened.