A new committee has been successfully appointed to take over the running of an east Suffolk Conservative Club that had faced doubts about its future.

On Monday, elections were held for the committee at Felixstowe Conservative Club, with 126 of the club's nearly 300 members voting.

Following the ballot, retired firefighter Ray Daniel was elected as the new chair of the club – while local business leader Byron Brewer was chosen as the secretary.

Voters were able to choose from a total of 20 candidates who put their names forward for the new committee, with the club's previous chair Martin Brown stepping down from his position.

A club member, who did not wish to be named, said of the selection: "It is great news that the elections completed successfully and the Felixstowe Conservative Club annual general meeting was held last night receiving tremendous support by circa 80 members attending."

The member said Mr Brown delivered an "excellent and well received" speech which highlighted the challenges the club had faced, including price rises for goods, minimum wage increases and fuel hikes that resulted in the club paying £4,000 to heat the premises.

The Covid pandemic and lockdowns had also presented further problems for the club, which is in High Road West.

The member added: "Many members remained after the meeting to speak with the new committee and to socialise, which was pleasing. 

"The atmosphere was pleasant and upbeat, there were plenty of ideas for escape rooms, summer events, new bar and food arrangements etc. so pretty positive."

The club, which had been the subject of speculation that visitor numbers were dwindling and at risk of closure, has also received funding from parent organisation the Association of Conservative Clubs.