A new outdoor office building is set to come to an Ipswich nursery and infant school for a family support area.

An application was approved by Ipswich Borough Council on Tuesday for a development on land belonging to Springfield Infant School on Wesley Way, off Bramford Road.

The plans, received in January, involve a single-storey, free-standing building Woburn Garden Studios, 4 metres high and 3 metres wide.

The room would be used by the school's family support worker, providing a safe and confidential space for sensitive conversations away from, but still in view of, the main building for families who may need help.

The land is part of the school grounds that has been used as a storage area and is not currently used by children.

The room may also be used to run parenting and early help sessions in the future.

It will also contribute to developing the outside area for children to grow plants and vegetables as part of the curriculum, and for their enrichment.

The nursery offers places for children aged three and above.